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CSR Activities

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

As a Financial Consultancy with Training and Research as a backbone, team Corporate Partners® has always realized their responsibility for the growth and development of the society.

India is the only country in the whole world which has the most important resource required for the sustenance and growth for any nation. This resource if utilized properly can make India the best country in the world. This is 125 crore dynamic, versatile, hardworking and creative ‘Human Resource’.

The problems with Indian Human Resource is lack of confidence, shortsightedness, clarity of vision, attitude of compromise and acceptance of unethical practices. If these issues are seriously resolved at the grass root level, there is nothing in this world which can stop India turning into a superpower.

To bridge this gap team Corporate Partners® have taken an initiative through various activities like:

1. ‘KNOW’ corruption for ‘NO’ corruption: 

Corruption is not just a format of bribe or activities defined illegal in law. Corruption is adoption of corrupt practices that knowingly or unknowingly become a part of our day to day life. This activity turns an eye opener and those who are moving unknowingly in the clutches of corruption start coming out of it, thus resulting reduction of corrupt practices at the root level.

Format of Activity: Interactive Workshop (Duration 3-4 Hours)

Target Segment: Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Corporates, Clubs, Societies, Public Forums

How to Schedule: To schedule the workshop mail the details of your organization at


2. ‘Career Road-Map’  – How to plan your Career 

Out of every hundred children in India 90 don’t know what to do in life and from the remaining 9 don’t know how to reach. Thus, out of every 100 only 1 is able to make his desired career path. The career path of a child is ruined due to many reasons, some of them are:

a. Lack of proper and timely guidance

b. Dreams and aspirations of parents

c. Prejudice and peer pressure

d. Resource crunch

This activity attempts to broaden the vision and helps a child regain the confidence on his own strengths and help him/her to understand the process of decision making thus resulting in self-confidence and self-reliance.

Format of Activity: Interactive Workshop (Duration 1-2 Hours)

Target Segment: Schools (Preferably Class X), Colleges, Institutions

How to Schedule: To schedule the workshop mail the details of your organization at